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Tarot Silver Earrings TE884 - Jewelry

Tarot Silver Earrings TE884

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Tarot Silver Earrings TE884 by Amy Zerner

With Genuine Garnet.

International celebrity Psychic Astrologers Amy Zerner and Monte Farber and Blue Moon and Stars, the world's leading producer of Celtic, Fairy, Fantasy and spiritually related jewelry, have co created several lines of heirloom quality jewelry whose design concepts are centered on zodiac signs, meanings and history, astrology, tarot cards, and animal totems. Because the pieces are such high quality, both in manufacture and design, sales skyrocketed and in just under a year they became the best selling Astrology, Zodiac, Tarot and Goddess jewelry in the world! The Tarot symbolism of the Two of Hearts: "Two swans are mated for life and their two hearts beat as one. The differences of male and female are dissolved as a union is formed where each partner's experience is heightened because of the love and life shared with the other. The focus is on relationships, mutual affinity, and union. This card represents all that is clear and focused, nurturing, supportive, and comforting in romantic, familial, and business partnerships, as well as the union and harmony between the sexes. There is a potential for the development of a loving union and room for passions to grow. There will be a heartfelt emotional exchange of some sort, but all may not be revealed now". Monte Farber These sterling silver earrings are energetically enhanced with Garnet and includes a beautiful card explaining the magical properties of this Tarot piece. Garnet is the symbol of love and compassion. Because the rich red color of the Garnet is associated with the heart, Garnet has, for centuries, been used in all matter of love, sex, passion and relationships.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

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