Evolving from gem trading in countries like Pakistan and Sri Lanka into a complete jewelry-making headquarters located in Bangkok, Thailand, Peter Stone Jewelry was established in January of 1991. 

It wasn't until 2004 when Peter Stone teamed up with Blue Moon & Stars, an online New Age wholesaler, to improve the quality of their jewelry. In 2005, Peter Stone bought the Blue Moon company. Then, the magick happened. 

This new collection of jewelry took Peter Stone in new directions. Named after the original company, the Blue Moon & Stars line of jewelry became a staple in Metaphysical and Witch stores. This opened doors to working with prominent authors and figures in the New Age and Pagan communities to expand this treasured line of energizing jewelry.

Business was still picking up after 2008. We made some changes in order to ensure we could continue to produce the finest jewelry in the market. We switched to a drop-ship model, which allows us to personalize jewelry with the stone of your choice. (Jewelry we have listed in this Shopify store are in-stock, but not everything we sell is. Magick Symbols encompasses thousands of jewelry designs, and what is not in-stock is made-to-order).

As well, the name Blue Moon & Stars became too inclusive for our growing collection. In 2011, we changed our name to Magick Symbols to encompass the meanings we find in all things and events, from sentimental value to the energy we invoke from the Gods and Goddesses to charge objects and cast spells. 

2016 was all about expansion and leaving the proverbial nest. We tripled our following, and we started producing jewelry for more famous people like The Official Witch of Salem. We'll be making more magick in 2017...Don't forget to follow us!

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