How To Cleanse & Charge Amulets, Talisman, and Charms


How To Cleanse and Charge Magickal Tools. To Cleanse and Charge …That is the Question!

So you found Magick Symbols website and ordered your new Amulet or Talisman. You patiently waited and TODAY IS THE DAY. Your postman knocked on the door and your heart skipped a beat. “It is Here”, you exclaimed as you sprinted to the door. “Thank You so much”, you said with glee to the postman. You unwrapped your magickal amulet or Talisman and were in awe at the superb quality and intricate detail. You could feel the energy surging. The connection between you and your magickal tool was apparent immediately. However, now you wonder should I just open my circle and perform my spell or should I cleanse and charge it first? After all, you could feel the energy evoked from the tool already. This, of course, is a personal preference.

Please understand that Magick Symbols staff work extremely hard at ensuring our tools are PERFECTED for your intent when arriving. We take pride at being different than all of the other pagan and jewelry/magickal tool companies. We will discuss our differences more in next weeks post but for now, just know that everything we do is for You and the purity of magick you are able to cast when using our jewelry tools. So You must know that other then imprinting our intention for each piece to find the perfect owner and serving their master well, your jewelry tools are a pure and blank slate when received. So, once you receive your tool, if you choose to Cleanse and Charge, here are some ideas of how to do so.

Cleanse the Talisman

Cleansing is the first step in preparing a talisman to receive your intention. The purpose is simple: Objects can pick up energetic impressions from their makers, from previous owners, and from their environment. You want your talisman to be as close to a “blank slate” as possible.   do our best, as I said previously but accidents and energy slips can happen. This way, the energy you put into it won’t be at odds with the energy it already contains. If you’ve made the talisman yourself you can skip this step. Secondhand and found jewelry should always be cleaned before being used for your magick.

There are lots of methods for cleansing ritual objects and all of them do the trick. Hold it under running water, especially from a creek or fountain. You can wave it through sage bundle smoke or leave it under the full moon once the Moon Goddess has heard your request. You can also leave it in a dish of salt overnight, in a window sill facing the moon. All the while, focusing on your intention that all past energies be removed and infused with your own.

Let the Ritual Begin

Choose a time when you are alone and focused. Any time of day of the week and time frame is suitable however I always try to research the best times for specific magick, days of the week according to the lunar cycle and even times can make a difference. For instance, spellwork at night when psychic “airwaves” are quieter. Seems to bring heightened power to the tool.  You can also choose a planetary day that’s suited more to the purpose of your talisman—Monday for money spells, Wednesday for disagreement resolution, Friday for love,etc.

Set the space in a way that coincides with how you usually perform your magick. Loosen your clothing, casting a circle, dimming lights, burning candles or incense, teach your talisman from the beginning how it will work with you in the future.  Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind of any distractions or leftover worries from the day. If you work with any helpers—e.g, deities, guides, angels, or familiar spirits—invite them in and ask them to steer your ritual toward your highest good.

Charge Your Talisman

Hold the talisman in your power hand or against your heart Spend at least a few moments meditating on the object of your desire and the steps that could lead to its attainment. Be sure to leave all distractions and negativity at the door before beginning and entering your sacred ritual alter space. Worry and uncertainty are enemies of magick. Therefore, most magicians recommend that you phrase your intention in a positive way and in the present tense:  “I am worthy …,” or “My business is thriving” are better than “I don’t feel worthless anymore,” or “My business will someday be successful.” Once you’ve formulated your intention, say it aloud. If you feel like it, you can even repeat a simple chant. (“By the crest of the Goddess Luna’s light, I charge this Talisman through Magickal Rite)

As the talisman warms to your body heat, feel your thoughts transforming into visualization.  Be sure to try and involve all of your senses. Taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing, and all the various energetic sensations blend in with your verbal intention.

Get excited about your intention—get really, really excited! Feel the desire build in your head, your heart pace should pick up, butterflies enter your belly. Gaze at the talisman’s and feel it come alive as an instrument of your will. When you feel that the energy has reached its peak (or that the talisman can’t hold anymore), seal it off with a gesture. A kiss, a song, or “So mote it be.”Give thanks, ground yourself, and begin wearing your activated talisman. Be receptive to the signs and hints that appear regarding your purpose and be ready to respond accordingly.

Now that you have cleansed and charged your magickal tool, you are ready to bend energy according to your magickal intent with your heightened, supercharged, Magick Symbols Talisman to increase and enhance every spell and ritual!

Need more Magickal Tools to complete additional spells and rituals with? Keep in mind that each tool should have a specific intent, for instance, you would not wish to use your Protection Amulet to cast spells for business. You would wish to have a specific Talisman for that type of intent. Nor would you think that the Talisman you bonded your intent for love spells would act as a Protection Spell Amulet while you were out of town. For all of your Amulet, Talisman, Chrm and Magickal intent needs, contact Magick Symbols and let us help you choose the perfect magickal tool for your best-laid intentions. To browse our Talisman, Amulets, and Charms, Click Here

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